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Solicitors in the 19th Century Essays -- Solicitor

The Middle Man: Solicitors in the 19 th Century â€Å"I have been, Eugene, upon the fair move of specialists of the High Court of Chancery, and lawyers at Common Law . . .† - Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend The Profession * There were two parts of the legitimate calling - lawyers, and lawyers and specialists. Specialists as a rule managed landed domains and lawyers exhorted parties in claims. The two jobs joined and the name â€Å"solicitor† was received (The Law Society). The lawyer or specialist was the general lawful counsel and went to all the desk work and gathered the proof. He managed legitimate issues in the interest of his customer, for example, the drawing up of wills, trust instruments, marriage agreements, and movements of land (Eurolegal Services). In Society * Beginning in the nineteenth century, the bar turned into a referral calling; individuals from the bar didn't manage individuals from people in general however took their directions just from specialists (Eurolegal Services). * C. W. Streams proposes that the â€Å"lower branch† (lawful callings be...

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Shakespeares Macbeth - Deep Darkness Essays -- Macbeth essays

Macbeth's Deep Darkness   â In Shakespeare's disaster Macbeth there is a dull perspective which hangs over most scenes in the play. Let us inspect this quality in this paper.  In Macbeth as the Imitation of an Action Francis Fergusson states the spot of dimness in the activity of the play:  It is the expression to surpass the pauser, reason [2.3], which appears to me to portray the activity, or thought process, of the play all in all. Macbeth, obviously, actually implies that his affection for Duncan was so solid thus quick that it advanced beyond his explanation, which would have guided an interruption. In any case, similarly we have seen his insatiability and aspiration surpass his explanation when he submitted the homicide; and similarly the entirety of the characters, in the nonsensical dimness of Scotland's malicious hour, are constrained in their activity to endeavor past what they can see by reason alone. Indeed, even Malcolm and Macduff, as we will see, are constrained to go ridiculous in the activity which devastates Macbeth and parts of the bargains. (106-7)  L.C. Knights in the exposition Macbeth depicts the ethical dimness into which Macbeth brings down himself:  The fundamental topic of the inversion of qualities is given out basically and plainly in the main scene - Reasonable is foul, and foul is reasonable; and with it are related feelings of the contention, issue and good obscurity into which Macbeth will plunge himself.â (95)  Charles Lamb in On the Tragedies of Shakespeare remarks on the pictures of night and their effect on the crowd:  The condition of heavenly feeling into which we are raised by those pictures of night and frightfulness which Macbeth is made to absolute, that serious introduction with which he engages the time till the ringer will strike which is to call... ...are: The Tragedies. A Collectiion of Critical Essays. Alfred Harbage, ed. Englewwod Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1964.  Knights, L.C. Macbeth. Shakespeare: The Tragedies. A Collectiion of Critical Essays. Alfred Harbage, ed. Englewwod Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1964.  Sheep, Charles. On the Tragedies of Shakespeare. N.p.: n.p.. 1811. Rpt in Shakespearean Tragedy. Bratchell, D. F. New York, NY: Routledge, 1990.  Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Macbeth., no lin.  Warren, Roger. Shakespeare Survey 30.â N.p.: n.p., 1977. Pp. 177-78. Rpt. in Shakespeare in the Theater: An Anthology of Criticism. Stanley Wells, ed. Britain: Oxford University Press, 2000.  Wilson, H. S. On the Design of Shakespearean Tragedy. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press, 1957.

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Health Care Communication Free Essays

The patient who is doubting of their medical attendant won't be agreeable or may not partake in self-care. Medical caretakers discuss every day with patients and associates. Building viable relational abilities in the social insurance industry can prompt ideal results. We will compose a custom paper test on Human services Communication or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now The initial step to correspondence is to figure out what the message to be passed on is and placed it in a consistent request. Make the message brief. Picking your words accurately will permit the collector to comprehend what you are stating. Be obliging of the patient’s training, social, information base and level of comprehension. At the point when you start to talk be certain that you have the consideration of the collector, toward the finish of the discussion get criticism to guarantee that your message was passed on effectively. This paper will talk about the meaning of social insurance correspondence, the importance of successful individual human services correspondence with other medicinal services experts and patients, pertinence of powerful health awareness correspondence to wellbeing results, and how the absence of viable individual and expert social insurance interchanges adds to unforeseen weakness results. Human services correspondence can be characterized as when an individual looks for data n wellbeing related issues. As per Healthy People 2010, (n. D. , review), â€Å"Health correspondence includes the examination and utilization of correspondence techniques to educate and impact individual and network choices that improve wellbeing. â€Å"The scattering of data should be possible through open correspondence or in an authoritative setting. Open correspondence alludes to, â€Å"presentations, discourses, and open tends to made by people on wellbeing related topics†. (Morehouse, 1998, p. 4). Wellbeing correspondence in the hierarchical setting alludes to how organization or staff gives data concerning medicinal services. The utilization of correspondence for medicinal services issues is imperative to numerous individuals in that it expands consciousness of social insurance dangers, advantages, accessibility and emotionally supportive networks. Open correspondence uses flyers, open assistance declarations, and so on , to make people aware of medical problems which can â€Å"encourage sound practices, make mindfulness, change mentalities, and spur people to receive suggested practices. â€Å"(Healthy individuals 2010, n. D. , outline). When speaking with patients the attendant needs to take a gander at the general image of the patient. This is their qualities, convictions, culture and knows the wellbeing proficiency of the achieve. How much people have the ability to acquire, process, and comprehend essential wellbeing data and administrations expected to settle on suitable wellbeing choices. At the point when a patient gets their illness procedure it helps that individual settle on the correct choices with respect to their human services. An attendant who can comprehend a patient’s values, culture, convictions, and join them into the patients care manufactures a feeling of trust between the patient and medical caretaker. Speaking with other human services experts additionally requires successful social insurance correspondence. A few attendants may not know their job obligations. As a charge nurture on the floor you can disclose to that nurture what her job is. The charge medical caretaker should be exact in the data she gives, predictable, solid in that the substance is right and modern. At the point when positive, caring connections build up among patients and guardian, patients report a more noteworthy capacity to adapt successfully to their ailment and more prominent consistence with social insurance regiments. â€Å"(Morehouse Northouse, 1998, up. 79-80). Patients dread the obscure. Being in a medical clinic can be unnerving in the event that they don't have the foggiest idea what is befalling them. An attendant who addresses a patient with respect to his arrangement of care and shows sympathy will give that understanding a feeling that the individual considerations. A patient who comprehends his illness procedure will have the option to settle on trustworthy choices, talk about treatment with family and adapt to the circumstance. As indicated by Williwaw, (2007), â€Å"There are five components during the time spent correspondence; the sender, the beneficiary, the message, the medium and interior and outside static. â€Å"A issue with any of these components can contort the significance of what is attempting to be passed on. Step by step instructions to refer to Health Care Communication, Papers Medicinal services Communication Free Essays College of Phoenix Material Health Care Communication Methods The accompanying task choices give the chance to you to investigate specialized strategies for various types of human services situations. The task alternatives likewise permit you to look at the impacts of HIPAA and different guidelines on social insurance correspondence. Select and complete one of the accompanying assignments: Option 1: Nursing Home Administrator Option 2: Communications Coordinator Option 1: Nursing Home Administrator Peruse the accompanying situation: * As the head of a neighborhood nursing home, you have quite recently gotten notice that the association is being bought by a national gathering. We will compose a custom exposition test on Medicinal services Communication or then again any comparative theme just for you Request Now In light of new strategies to be actualized, a considerable lot of the occupants will be uprooted. To make the circumstance all the more testing, a portion of these inhabitants experience issues imparting, have no nearby family, and have not shown that they support the arrival of their clinical data. Game plans must be made for these people. Compose a 1,050-to 1,400-word paper on the various kinds of specialized techniques for the human services association depicted in the situation. Remember the accompanying for your paper: The points of interest and detriments of utilizing customary, electronic, and online networking for social insurance correspondence The impacts of HIPAA and different guidelines on the utilization of these media for medicinal services correspondence Cite at least two sources, one from the University Library and the other from the course reading material or Electronic Reserve Readings, to help your position. Arrangement your paper predictable with APA rules. Alternative 2: Communications Coordinator Consider the accompanying situation: * You are the correspondences facilitator for a national medication maker. As of late, there have been reports of huge negative impacts brought about by one of your drugs that is utilized by a huge populace. News reports have asserted that one of the people influenced is a notable open figure. You are entrusted with tending to the news reports and the overall population in regards to this circumstance. Compose a 1,050-to 1,400-word paper on various sorts of specialized techniques for the social insurance association depicted in the situation. Remember the accompanying for your paper: The preferences and detriments of utilizing conventional, electronic, and web based life for medicinal services correspondence The impacts of HIPAA and different guidelines on the utilization of these media for social insurance correspondence Cite at least two sources, one from the University Library and the other from the course books or Electronic Reserve Readings, to help your position. Configuration your paper steady with APA rules. Instructions to refer to Health Care Communication, Papers

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New Step by Step Roadmap for Research Paper Help Online

New Step by Step Roadmap for Research Paper Help Online The Start of Research Paper Help Online Or you'll be able to buy writing help that's genuine and pay a little more. Not everybody can brainstorm an idea and ask questions that aren't yet answered. While there's a notion of earning things better, it may also lead to come up with interest in your thesis. As you are handling the notion of research writing you have to remember that you attempt to create the things accordingly. Explain briefly the significant points you want to cover in your paper and why readers ought to be interested in your topic. The actual men and women highly praise our essay help site. When you purchase an essay from us, you're guaranteed to relish individual approach because essay help offered by our writers is always customized depending on your requirements. The type of essay you're looking for will be offered to you within the deadline provided to you. The Hidden Facts on Research Paper Help On line Most students make the most of a number of services like ours to find the customized research paper written by another person and spend no time doing it. The benefit of having friends from various countries is that you've got the chance to network internationally. So, you may rest assured your term paper service is going to be delivered by means of a pro. There are some who are extremely poor in research and don't know the best places to get data or gather information concerning the topic they've been given to write on. The Research Paper Help Online Pitfall Writing a research paper isn't simple. Essays are the collaborative descriptions of a specific topic. The abstract of a research paper or dissertation aids the reader to find a general idea and the outcomes of research work achieved by the students. Moreover, our research papers are almost always free from any sort of mistakes like referencing, formatting, linguistics, and grammatical. Develop Interest in your Research It is necessary to a great extend you have to work on your research paper so you can make adjustments accordingly. When you are handling the concept of Dissertation Writing Service, it's crucial that you write in accordance to the notion of research writing and adjust accordingly. Report has to be written in a very clear and precise language. The Research Paper Help Online Cover Up Your orders will be done exactly as you desire. There are many reasons why you ought to prefer our services. The use of the reports is to demonstrate the authenticity and caliber of our work. One of the absolute most important factors of any online writing service is the capacity to meet deadlines. The Secret to Research Paper Help Online Every skill we possess ought to be trained on a normal basis. While you have the ability to comprehend the thought of research interest, it's critical that you work in accordance to the notion of interest understanding and adju st accordingly. The thought of understanding the research interest is to realize wherever your interest basically lies in. There's an idea concerning the research interest that it ought to be taken seriously therefore it's completely on you to really make a difference by developing an interest. Of course, when you attempt to turn in an ordinary paper done in the center of the night in a few hours, then it is a bit of cake, naturally. What's more, you've got to get a round trip ticket. Because every college abroad must be a function which requires you to introduce your house country to the neighborhood community. The Research Paper Help Online Stories If you need assistance with a particularly tricky research paper you're writing for your college, it's always much better to request help as early as possible thus, the writer assigned to your order is going to have more time to look into the problem and prepare a high-quality paper. Regardless of what source you require, the a uthor will review it and compose a potent argumentative paper dependent on the valuable evidence. Our writers can write any kind of research according to the instructions of the students. So should you need to employ college essay writer online, we're just the people that you will need to contact. New Step by Step Roadmap for Research Paper Help Online Excellent sources result in good coursework. Writing a research paper is a struggle for those students without taking any assistance from the professionals. It is a tool for the teachers in order to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the students. Preparing a research paper could result in a daunting job if a learner doesn't have the particular skills to conduct research and analyze data. Moreover, the customer knows of the progress of paper, and he is more happy with the outcome. You should also earn a timetable for writing each day since if you will write every day, you'll be more satisfied and it can help to finish the paper. You require research paper writing help as you truly feel frustrated getting a good deal of tasks every single day. Thus, you will act fairly and will learn essential recommendations to nail whatever academic assignment you've received. Writing a paper is a tedious procedure and lots of students want to get a service to purchase college research paper, to purchase term paper or maybe to purchase essay. Coursework structure is just one of the main determinants of the grade, so understanding how to organize the paper is important for receiving the ideal score Our Nerds report that paper structure is just one of the absolute most important things that professors evaluate. No matter the circumstance, students want to understand precisely how to structure the paper. It's true, you can use the on-line tutoring option, together with receive walk-in tutoring.

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The Artist Is Present Challenging Performance And...

Marina Abramović’s â€Å"The Artist is Present† challenging Performance and Cultural Politics Marina Ambramović’s concept of performance art interrogates the traditional forms and practices of what most people would consider to be the â€Å"norm†, that derive from personal preferences generated from different aspects of society. Abramović is known for her durational performance work that tests the endurance and limitations of her own body and mind. Performance art may be understood as a practice where the body of the artist is central or the medium itself involving objected based art materials such as paint and canvas. Abramović challenges this traditional sense, and introduces new concepts of â€Å"pushing the body to its limits† and cutting down the distance between artist and audience by making her own the body the medium. In this paper, I will be critiquing Ambramović’s use of performance art to the ways she provokes cultural politics by ultimately aiming to silence the question â€Å"what is art†. Upon watching her docum entary â€Å"The Artist is Present†, I have found that in her performances she presents the public with challenges, shock, and emotions that can be understood as a controversial act; however the effect her performances have on people can differ based on the perspective of which performance art is viewed. Through the understanding of traditional performance art and Ambramović’s performance art, both descriptions share similarities but also large differences. PerformanceShow MoreRelatedImproving The Path Of Becoming A Recording Artist1736 Words   |  7 PagesA growing trend amongst new artists is crowd funding. This refers to audiences making contributions and/or micro investments in new creative ventures (Jenkins, 2013). For example, websites such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo are platforms for independent artists to solicit and collect funds. The funds from these campaigns are used to finance record production, launch tours, create merchandise and all ot her costs artists need assistance with. These websites are helping change the path of becomingRead MoreSocial role of women1061 Words   |  5 Pagesnineteenth century. Yet, praises and critics both fall on the young artist, Mary Cassatt (1844 - 1926). In this paper, I will show how two historians contrast about the their views of this feminine artist, as well as their methodological approaches. The first one is from Susan Fillin Yeh. In her article â€Å"Mary Cassatt’s Images of Woman,† she argues that, Cassatt’s images of women, unique within the context of Impressionism, challenging the male standards (marriage, motherhood, and domestic matters),Read MoreDada Was A Radical And Cynical Artistic Movement1555 Words   |  7 Pagesunique object by contradicting the established traditions and forms of western art to that time. This essay will discuss four of the ways Dada artists pursued this goal, namely through the use of everyday objects, eliminating meaning and function, the use of chance and a dismissal of art history. This essay will then argue that through these means, Dada artists successfully undermined the solemnity with which the art world regarded itself. Dada’s combination of wit and venomous sarcasm presented toRead MoreAnalysis Of Judith Butler s S Gender Trouble2691 Words   |  11 PagesButler’s approach to gender politics is an improvement on previous attitudes towards homophobia. I will do this through a close contextual reading of Butler’s work, particularly Gender Trouble and her article Imitation and Gender Insubordination. Butler calls for a more fluid, variable interpretation of gender that would strive for a new equality where subjects are not restricted to notions of masculinity or femininity . Butler herself argues that gender is performance and is false, and this act ofRead MoreEssay on The Modern Civilization in Contemporary Installation Art1952 Words   |  8 Pagesmost crucial factors to survive during these periods. However, in this postmodern time period, many contemporary installation artists use sculptural materials and other mixed media to transform the way a particular space is practiced. Objects used in contemporary art have a range from each day of our life or natural materials to new media such as installation, performance, video or sound. Contemporary postmodern practic es often face and undermine what is familiar to us in the world of art, whichRead MoreThe Life Of Guernica By Pablo Picasso1855 Words   |  8 PagesVoltaire is not only the name of the painting, but the name of a nightclub set up by artists in Zurich, in neutral Switzerland during World War 1. The artists set up the center for artistic entertainment, namely musical, dance, and spoken word performances. These performance events were primarily to be conventional but then were turned fast greatly to provocations. They followed to the wake of serious performances through Italy and some other European locations by Italian Futurists in 1909-1913. Read MorePunk Rock And Punk Music2407 Words   |  10 Pagesexample, the Sex Pistols protested against the Queen of England in many of their songs. In the 90s punk evolved into other styles, such as alternative and grunge, that still hold liberal ideals but not as extremist as punk rock. In the 00s and present society musicians still use the ir music as a way of protest of towards authority, voicing and uniting the oppressed. But even though they do support similar ideals, they don t express them at with the same aggressiveness and extremism that punkRead MoreJudith Butlers Perception of the Female in the Modern Era: Gender Identity and the Act of Becoming in Cindy Shermans History Portraits6698 Words   |  27 PagesPortraits Introduction There is some disparity between the way critics and philosophers like Judith Butler view Cindy Shermans work and the way that Cindy Sherman speaks of her photographs. It may be the disparity that exists between many modern artists, who often operate on an intuitive level, and the philosopher critics who comment upon them from a theoretical perspective or a pre-established framework. On one level, Cindy Sherman may only be playing dress-up (as she herself admits) in her famousRead MoreEssay on The History and Future of Cyborgs2740 Words   |  11 Pagesto a computer by connecting a data cable. To elaborate the Cyborg discussion around limits requires it to be placed inside wider, existing discussion. There are two fundamental perspectives to the debate. The Bioconservatists (social, eithical, cultural, economic) and the Transhumanists (biological science, technology). With very different worldviews. Condorcet (1979) wrote â€Å"man will not become immortal, but cannot the span constant increase between the moment he begins to live and the time whenRead More Discontent Expressed through Blues, Jazz, Reggae, and Hip-hop5489 Words   |  22 PagesDiscontent Expressed through Blues, Jazz, Reggae, and Hip-hop In cultures all over the world, music can be seen encompassing many aspects of life for many individuals. It is a form of mass communication thatspeaks directly to society as a cultural form, and often reflects a collection and pattern of personal experiences (King 19). Music is so influential because it communicates on three different levels: the physical, emotional, and cognitive. Not only does it operate in a nondiscursive way, by

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Essay about PhI 103Dq 4 - 887 Words

Fallacies in Media One rich source of fallacies is the media: television, radio, magazines, and the Internet. The arguments you experience in your daily life (work, family, shopping) are another source of fallacies. Identify three distinct informal logical fallacies you have experienced in the media or in your life. Explain how the fallacies were used and the context in which they occurred. Then, explain what the person presenting the fallacy should have done to ensure that he or she was not committing a logical error. You must post to this discussion on at least four separate days of the week, and your posts must total at least 500 words as you address this discussion. This means that, in order to receive full credit, your first post†¦show more content†¦In my argument I have generalized that all shelter are going to be like that but in reality it’s not true it’s just that one we used. This was to use a sad story and scare tactical appeal to a play on emotions of others not only that but appeal to pity as well. Example 2 The other day at work one of the bosses asked who left out the tools. And of course no one said anything. In my defense I was out on calls most of the day so I wasn’t even at the shop. But because one of the bosses is my father n law the other guys said hey Ty tell them it was you because you will not get in trouble like we would. But in reality I would because I should know better I’m one of the boss’s son n law. But I work hard and do a good job so I took the fall for just this once I was the scapegoat and the popular one in the group. But in this argument I would have to say that this one is an appeal to popularity. I would not normally do this but to me it was a form of tradition for the one ac/ guy to take the fall because I work outside of the shop. I’m not that concern of being apart of this group but I work hard and the bosses like me so I did it. And besides I’m going to school to better my life and those guys this job is all they have. Premise: One of the bosses ask who left out the tools. Premise: The other

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Apples Competition Strategy in a Global Market

Question: Discuss about theApples Competition Strategy in a Global Market. Answer: Introduction Thre are a variety of strategies that companies adopt to remain competitive in a Global market. Apple includes product mix, product features, reputation as well as links to other firms to attain a high positioning in comparison to its competitors. The establishment of a reputation as an innovative company in the case of Apple was as a result of offering a selection of easy to use products that deal with a wide range of segments. Since the debut of the first iPhone as well as other products, the company has acquired an ever-growing number of followers due to the companys ability to offer products that are innovative and easy to utilize amidst rapid technological advancements. This paper seeks to identify ways in which the company has strategically positioned itself to access the niche market as well as the impact of Strategic alliances to the firm. Apples Unique Differentiation Strategy Product differentiation has economic value especially for industries operating in a monopolistic competition. The fundamental economic value with regards to product differentiation occurs as a result of reduced environmental threats. Product differentiation costs act as an entry barrier thus reducing the new entrants threat (Johnson, 2012). Notably, a firm has to bear the cost of business standard as well as the costs associated with overcoming differentiation intrinsic in the incumbent. Due to the particular nature of companies pursuing markets that are niche, there is little threat of rivalry among the industry players. Apple strives to gain market demand for all its products via product differentiation. Ideally, this entails making the companys products attractive and unique to the customers. Apples products are designed to set the standards compared to other competitors in the same industry (MEYER, 2016). In spite of high competition, Apples products remain highly demanded thus g iving the firm power to regulate prices via innovative advertising, product differentiation, new product hype, as well as ensure brand loyalty. By concentrating on a niche market of a clientele willing to pay more as well as maintenance of a premium price at the unit volume cost, the company set an artificial entry barrier restricting entry into the particular market. This has seen the company grow its market share not only in the United States and China but also across the globe. Apples Vertical Integration Strategy Apple has a competitive advantage due to vertical integration as it controls manufacturing, manufactures its chips, operates in an ecosystem that is nearly closed comprising of proprietary retail stores, as well as following extremely strict standards of software. Due to these advantages, Apple has more control of the companys value chain as well as its component costs. Apple has one of the most addictive, popular, as well as tightly incorporated ecosystems of all the companies in the technology industry(Nasr, 2014). The software and devices produced by Apple are designed to operate efficiently with each other and sync with ease making media and preferences easy to copy or share with numerous devices. Applications work on numerous devices at the same time and user interfaces are similar. A firm attempts to make strategy intrinsic to its operation a sustained competitive advantage. Essentially, for this to happen, the strategy of product differentiation that is economically valuable must also be difficult to imitate, rare, and the organization must have the resources to exploit such a strategy(Nielsen, 2014). In cases where there are fewer companies differentiating than the number of companies necessary for perfect competition dynamics, such a strategy is rare. Instances where there is no direct, easy duplication or easy substitutes, then such a strategy is difficult to imitate. Tim Cook echoes those of Steve Jobs whose strategies involved four pillars which included offering a small number of products, creating a halo effect; thus making the customers starve for new products, giving priority to profitability as opposed to market share and focusing on high-end quality products(Nielsen, 2014). The company sells its products as well as third-party products directly to customers and small and medium Businesses via the companys online stores, direct sales force and retail stores. The companies supply chain is revered as one of the best thereby reaching a global market while they are still high in demand. Importance of Strategic Alliances for Apple Company In a critical review of past decisions, evidence suggests that there is economic value in strategic alliances. In the past, Apple had the opportunity to share cost and manage risk, facilitate tacit collusions, as well as manage uncertainty through Strategic alliances with key technological firms. Strategic alliances remain a valid source of economic value in an industry characterized by networking (Johnson, 2012). Managing uncertainty, sharing costs, as well as managing risks are all sources of economic value similar in all industries. In fact, researchers have voiced strong confidence to Alliances building with statistics showing the companies with that more joint ventures across company operations had higher market value (Johnson, 2012). However, Apple should have identified the significance of strategic alliances earlier. Organizations that are expanding or entering into new markets minimize their exposure to political and market risk by engaging in strategic alliances with other firms in their target market. Notably, this is because local organizations have experience as well as an understanding of the local laws, cultural as well as customs climate in the target market. Such partnerships work efficiently in cases where the partners portfolios compliment with each other (Yeung, 2016). When arranging for strategic alliances, it is vital that a company considers whether such alliances are equity or non-equity. Notably, a non-equity alliance between companies should possess explicit legal and contracts sanctions to facilitate business operations. There are many benefits associated with Strategic alliances. Other benefits include RD resources and IP rights, accessing new technologies, improving the flow of materials and lifecycle of products, diversifying services and products, reduction of overhead and administrative costs, as well as making operations agiler. There are numerous articles regarding the cons and pros of strategic alliances. Nevertheless, a balanced perspective remains vital. Notably, companies with marketing and manufacturing alliances, more joint ventures, as well as other forms of joint ventures have significantly higher market values in comparison to companies with no forms of partnerships. As such, companies operating in the technological industries require such ventures to maximize its value(Masi, 2009). Ideally, in an age of connectivity as well as the connected economy, having joint ventures with other companies especially in the same industry as the firm significantly reduces risks arising from entry in to an uncertain market with existing players. In the case of Apple, the company has in the past shunned strategic alliances A particular examples it where the company refused to license its operating system, the Mac OS for distribution. The companys strategies were ineffective, having failed to license the Mac OS to a Third party Manufacturing firm that would have seen the Operating system being used on any computer apart from their own. According to Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, the company was a hardware company with the best operating system in the market. However, Apple company hoarded its operating system in which case, to acquire the software, one had to purchase the hardware at almost double the price (Johnson, 2012). Despite the fact that Apple had the best operating system at the time, the cost of its products made it highly unattractive to the vast majority of clientele and its ability to gains a wide market penetration. On the other hand, if Apple had licensed the operating system, today, the company would have been the biggest technological company in the industry surpassing Microsoft. Conclusion In conclusion Apples Unique differentiation strategy and premium pricing of its products have played a big role in creating a wide market for its products. Being at the forefront of innovating quality and trendsetting products enables the products to develop their market base. The perceptions of superiority of Apple products due to their pricing and quality coupled with the development of an exclusive eco-system allows the company to remain highly positioned in the minds of its customers in comparison to competitors. Concerning strategic alliances, Apple realizes that strategic alliances in many aspects gives the company a stronger base for development as well as become efficient in its operations. While the company did not readily accept alliances, in the beginning, Apple has come to appreciate the advantages associated with strategic alliances. References Johnson,K. (2012).The Innovative Success that is Apple, Inc(Master's thesis, Marshall University ). Retrieved from Maiga,E. (2016). Case Study on Apple's Business Strategies. Retrieved from Masi, B. (2009). Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc.Capstone Strategy Course (MGT440), Professor Linda Cohen, Barney School of Business, University of Hartford. MEYER,P. (2016). Apples Generic Strategy Intensive Growth Strategies - Panmore Institute. Retrieved from Nasr,R. (2014). Apple's blowout success in China: What it did right, and what US companies can learn from it. Retrieved from Nielsen,S. (2014). Why Apple's ecosystem is its biggest competitive advantage - Market Realist. Retrieved from Nielson,S. (2014). Apple's premium pricing strategy and product differentiation - Market Realist. Retrieved from Yeung,N. (2016). The marketing strategy of Apple: A concise analysis. Retrieved from